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NEFCICT is a Youngest Federation that encompasses antiquated technologies which unite Business Individual and Groups into a Community which allows to Contribute and Share their developing and Promoting Ideas in the world of ICT.

Regional Development

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Regional development is a core pillar of economic development. It’s strategy defines the objectives & instruments for the construction of the development potential, contribute to reducing inequalities in the development.

Empowering Youth

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Empowerment is the ability, and courage to dive into any challenge without waiting for permission from someone else. We push Youths to be the change they want to see in the world. This internal motivation is the driving force to continue down meandering paths and fully immerse ourselves in the work.

Digitizing the Rural

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To deliver sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra-fast internet and interoperable application findings are the best potential for rural communities will be tremendous.


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A collaborative community assemble the associations and assist to achieve others aims!

We are a non-profit organization founded with an aim to empower the north-eastern technology-based businesses and the local tech community by facilitating necessary knowledge, resources and support. We support the growth and the advancement of all sorts of tech, ICT and IT affairs of the local community, corporate and the government sectors in the region enabling the community to reap more and more benefits of modern technology to succeed in their endeavors.

Latest Event Updates from The Portal

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The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp is to deliver a deeper philosophy and understanding of photography for the professional as well as the beginners, by the Industry leading Photographers conducted by North East Federation of Chamber of ICT.


Educate the local community in technology-related initiatives and affairs through events and programs enabling the community with the latest knowledge in technology.


Facilitate information, direction and guidance for all the tech-related affairs to help the region thrive into greater heights.


Support with researches to provide the tech community, cooperate and the government sectors with deep insight into tech-related issues and find new and emerging opportunities.


Help develop ICT and technology-related resources and infrastructures to enable the local tech community with income-generating opportunities.

Empowering the North- Eastern Community with Technology for a Better Tomorrow

We are an organization established to support the local tech community of North Eastern region through knowledge, resources and connections to help individuals, organizations and businesses thrive and compete with the Sri Lankan and the global market.
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To inspire and develop the advanced, Highly practical ICT knowledge, innovations and technopreneurship to strengthen our local tech communities in North, East."

Sharanyan Sharma - President of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT


Build skills. Connect with professionals. Find opportunities.

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