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A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’

A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ was organized by The Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Collaboration with North, East Federation Chamber of ICT . It was held on the 13th of August 2019, at Hotel Oviya from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm. The event commenced with a welcome speech by the District Director of Vavuniya NEFCICT Chapter, Mr. Subasingham and the Central bank officials.A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ 1

The next item on the agenda was Mr. Partheepan Balakrishnan’s (Commerce- Instructor (SLTES) at College of Technology Jaffna) session on the topic “The beginning of Start-up Community,” with an update of the current trends in the Startup system. Up next evacuating the event with a short break Mr. Partheepan continued his session with a new topic, ” Finance & Marketing.”

After the Lunch, the event continued with a panel discussion conducted and organized by Representatives from Various Banks in the region. It enabled the participants to have a constructive and in depth discussion with the representatives from the Banks.

Later on, questions were raised by the audience, while the representatives (Bankers) were able to patiently answer the audience’s questions. Following the panel discussion was a session on Digital Marketing by Mr. Sharanyan Sharma’s, Chairman of NEFCICT & Founder at Extreme SEO Internet Solutions

During his session, he gave a good comprehensive knowledge to the audience. The continuing session was about ” The social media marketing,” and was presented by Mr. Janasteen District Director of Jaffna NEFCICT and Founder at E- Win Media whereas, he delivered a detailed session on social media marketing.

The following item was a quick practical session where “pitching Start Up Ideas” were covered by Mr Sharanyan. Every individual with the help of the volunteers were able to build their own ideas.


Finally, The Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ came to an end with a Vote of Thanks from Mr. Ramasamy Rajeswaran (Executive Director- NEFCICT Vavuniya District). Leaving the audience with a better in depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing Community & Startup System!



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The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp – A step ahead – Organized by North East Federation of Chamber of Information Communication Technology “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into Giving “. The North East Federation of Chamber of Information Communication Technology (as known as NEFCICT). It is a non-profit organization founded with an aim to empower the north-eastern technology-based businesses and the local tech community by facilitating necessary knowledge, resources and support. NEFCICT aggressively supporting the growth and the advancement of all sorts of ICT and IT affairs of the local community, corporate and the government sectors in the region enabling the community to reap more and more benefits of modern technology to succeed in their endeavors.

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp 2

A Word from Mr. Sharanyan Sharma, NEFCICT’s President “ Living in a world, every business and venture is digitally transforming to fit the new information age. NEFCICT assists the North Eastern tech community to adapt and to adopt new tech demands going on the world. We invite anyone and everyone seeking tech knowledge to keep the next step in their life. Get in touch with us and benefit from our network resources and expertise to make your venture a success.

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp 3

The Advanced Photography Bootcamp at Oviya Hotel, Vavuniya was organized for the purpose to enhance the skills in photography to take a step next level. Where 160participant’s came with an Excitement and Interest to develop and upgrade themselves. The Vavuniya District Director of NEFCICT Mr.Sinnapu Subassingam along with his Executive Director’s Mr.Srikanthan Kishanth, Mr.Ramasamy Rajeshwaran, Mr.Ganeshanathan Mathushan and Mr.Thangaraja Kukatheesan has done a great job and gave their best. This is the first event of NEFCICT Vavuniya District, which never expected that much of crowd. The Ceremony started with a warm welcome speech, followed by lighting the oil lamp by the Chief Guests Invited.

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp 4

The Participants were eagerly waiting to meet our Facilitators Mr. Selvaratnam Nimal, CEO at MIBM and Mr. AnushkaEranga, Fine art Photographer and Sony Alpha Ambassador Sri Lanka. The Session Started with Mr.Selvaratnam Nimal’s Speech and he gave us a basic and advanced camera tool operations where he covered about the topics ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture, Focal Length, Lens Managing, Camera Composition along with some basic tutorials and practical presentations. The Interesting part is he interacted with the participants with some questions and he gifted the winners who answered and the volunteers also. Hope Everybody got a clear vision about what’s inside a camera rather than knowing what’s outside the camera. His session ended as a beneficial one for the participants. In the Meantime, Tea breaks and Lunch was provided in order to encourage our participants to be more attentive and actionable.

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp 5

The Noon Session started with our Award winning, Fine Art Photographer Mr. Anushka Eranga, who introduced a new art of photography “The Architect Photography”. In day to day life, we cannot predict what is going to be our Market value. Mr. Anushka taught us the techniques and the market value of Architect Photography, which is going to be a new trend and a good market value in North and East Province. He also suggested some Presets and Color Coding in editing part using Adobe Photoshop and Light room. He collaborated with the participants by taking photos with everyone and demonstrated live editing in front of everyone to show what exactly can be done with his new way of techniques. And also he suggested the photographers and the participant’s with their own photos, how to take shots in a different manner.

The Advanced Digital Photography Bootcamp 6

With all due respect and interest, our facilitators gave their best part to enhance the skills and talent in Photography and Editing. Participant Certificates were provided to each and every participant with the facilitators and the NEFCICT’s Chairman’s Signature. With a Vote of thanks and memento, we sent off our facilitators and the chief guests with all due respect and honor. The Event went down without any flaws and hesitation with the Support of Major Sponsors Sony and CameraLK followed by the “Golden Sponsor” GT Colour Lab and the Printing Partner Yoga Digital PrintingThe Technology Partners are DJ Thas and Nantha Mobile. The event is powered by Photo whirl, A one Media, Nanthan Studio, Infotech solutions, Editors Table, Vaani, Lavanya Jewelers, N.S.Ratnam & Bro’s, Sun Beam Tours, Vimal Photo, Naga Jewels, Vel Murugan Jewelers, NVM Jewelers, Studio JC and Kavisajaa PrintersAccording to the saying “First Impression is Best Impression”, NEFCICT’s Vavuniya District has successfully completed their first event. Hope this unity continues with everyone and the future goals will be achieved one by one.

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