A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’

A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ was organized by The Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Collaboration with North, East Federation Chamber of ICT . It was held on the 13th of August 2019, at Hotel Oviya from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm. The event commenced with a welcome speech by the District Director of Vavuniya NEFCICT Chapter, Mr. Subasingham and the Central bank officials.A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ 1

The next item on the agenda was Mr. Partheepan Balakrishnan’s (Commerce- Instructor (SLTES) at College of Technology Jaffna) session on the topic “The beginning of Start-up Community,” with an update of the current trends in the Startup system. Up next evacuating the event with a short break Mr. Partheepan continued his session with a new topic, ” Finance & Marketing.”

After the Lunch, the event continued with a panel discussion conducted and organized by Representatives from Various Banks in the region. It enabled the participants to have a constructive and in depth discussion with the representatives from the Banks.

Later on, questions were raised by the audience, while the representatives (Bankers) were able to patiently answer the audience’s questions. Following the panel discussion was a session on Digital Marketing by Mr. Sharanyan Sharma’s, Chairman of NEFCICT & Founder at Extreme SEO Internet Solutions

During his session, he gave a good comprehensive knowledge to the audience. The continuing session was about ” The social media marketing,” and was presented by Mr. Janasteen District Director of Jaffna NEFCICT and Founder at E- Win Media whereas, he delivered a detailed session on social media marketing.

The following item was a quick practical session where “pitching Start Up Ideas” were covered by Mr Sharanyan. Every individual with the help of the volunteers were able to build their own ideas.


Finally, The Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ came to an end with a Vote of Thanks from Mr. Ramasamy Rajeswaran (Executive Director- NEFCICT Vavuniya District). Leaving the audience with a better in depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing Community & Startup System!



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