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Representing NEFCICT at The Inaugural Launch of Startup SL

Meeting with the Minister

Start-Up Sri Lanka is an initiative by the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology whose mission is to transform Sri Lanka through technology and entrepreneurship. They are working to support the tech community and accelerate the growth of Sri Lankan Start-Ups and freelancers.

This initiative was officially launched on the 14th of October 2019 at BMICH Lavender Hall by Hon Min Ajith P Perera, Minister of Digital Infrastructure and ICT at 2pm. Many Government officials including the Secretary and additional Secretary of the Ministry and entrepreneurs as well as a few Startup freelancers were present at the event.

NEFCICT was given an invitation to the Launch of the initiative as NEFCICT have been recognized addressing the mission of the initiative in the North and East in a well progressing and effective manner. The Federation was also given a face to face appointment with the Hon. Minister to discuss about the federation and to officially give an introduction. During which time a discussion about a few hindrances faced from the government sector in successfully achieving few project goals were discussed, and Hon. Minister advised his Secretaries to handle it and help the Federation in achieving the goals.

Also the Hon. Minister and his Secretaries congratulated NEFCICT on the efforts to empower North and East in regards to ICT and Technology after the Cruel War and devastation the North and East communities underwent for the last 3 decades. Also the minister promised to consider NEFCICT first when it comes to any Ministry/ Government related projects or initiatives to be launched in North and East. This was a very short but productive meeting/discussion with the Hon Minister and this would definitely help NEFCICT in its future endeavors.

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A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’

A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ was organized by The Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Collaboration with North, East Federation Chamber of ICT . It was held on the 13th of August 2019, at Hotel Oviya from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm. The event commenced with a welcome speech by the District Director of Vavuniya NEFCICT Chapter, Mr. Subasingham and the Central bank officials.A Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ 1

The next item on the agenda was Mr. Partheepan Balakrishnan’s (Commerce- Instructor (SLTES) at College of Technology Jaffna) session on the topic “The beginning of Start-up Community,” with an update of the current trends in the Startup system. Up next evacuating the event with a short break Mr. Partheepan continued his session with a new topic, ” Finance & Marketing.”

After the Lunch, the event continued with a panel discussion conducted and organized by Representatives from Various Banks in the region. It enabled the participants to have a constructive and in depth discussion with the representatives from the Banks.

Later on, questions were raised by the audience, while the representatives (Bankers) were able to patiently answer the audience’s questions. Following the panel discussion was a session on Digital Marketing by Mr. Sharanyan Sharma’s, Chairman of NEFCICT & Founder at Extreme SEO Internet Solutions

During his session, he gave a good comprehensive knowledge to the audience. The continuing session was about ” The social media marketing,” and was presented by Mr. Janasteen District Director of Jaffna NEFCICT and Founder at E- Win Media whereas, he delivered a detailed session on social media marketing.

The following item was a quick practical session where “pitching Start Up Ideas” were covered by Mr Sharanyan. Every individual with the help of the volunteers were able to build their own ideas.


Finally, The Workshop on “Basic requirements to set up Business Ventures’’ came to an end with a Vote of Thanks from Mr. Ramasamy Rajeswaran (Executive Director- NEFCICT Vavuniya District). Leaving the audience with a better in depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing Community & Startup System!



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Annual General Meeting 2019 – NEFCICT

The annual general meeting of North and East federation of chambers of ICT was held on 20th of July 2019 at Treatoo Hotels Batticaloa at 10 am. This meeting was hosted by NEFCICT Batticaloa chapter. The meeting was chaired by the President of NEFICT, Mr. Sharanyan Sharma. Mr. S. Rajivkanth, district Director Batticaloa Chapter delivered the welcome speech on behalf of the hosting chapter. Annual General Meeting 2019 - NEFCICT 2  Following that the previous General Meeting Minutes were read to the board, and with a few amendments was approved by the board.  Annual Audit Review was presented to the board by the Treasurer and with some constructive criticism and suggestions the agenda moved on to the Annual report presentation by the President. President summarized the performance of each district chapters and also advised the board and district chapters that we have to collaborate and do projects on Local, National and Global Levels, partnering up with Global Events such as Startup Weekend, StartupGrind and AngelHack.  After that the performance of each chapters were discussed and the issues between the district chapters and the board were discussed with the board and sorted out. Annual General Meeting 2019 - NEFCICT 3Following that Emergency General Meeting was called by Vice Secretary on behalf of the Board in order to fill out the vacancies came up. In the Emergency General Meeting, Mr Raguparan, Kajan Subash and Mayooran were appointed as the new Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer respectively. The next thing on the agenda was District Presentations where each district directors presented on their past projects and projects in pipeline. They also proposed to the board their future project ideas and promised to follow up by email as soon as possible. Annual General Meeting 2019 - NEFCICT 4

Newly appointed secretary proposed few strategic solution and way forward action plans which covered membership, marketing and sustainability plan for the betterment of the federation.

The Annual General Meeting of the North East Federation of Chambers of ICT came to an End with the Vote of Thanks from the Secretary.Annual General Meeting 2019 - NEFCICT 5



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Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT

Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT 6

The third general meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT (NEFCICT) was held on 10th March, 2019 at PJ Hotel, Jaffna. All the Office Bearers ( excluding vice secretary Mr. Jerome Anton Jude Prateepan), District Directors and Executive Directors of Jaffna, Vavuniya, Batticaloa chapters, Executive Director of Trincomalee chapter Mr. Basheer Mohamed Imran and the newly onboard members of women chapter from Vavuniya and Jaffna chapters attended this meeting.

Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT 7

The meeting was ceremonially inaugurated with the welcome address by Mr. Alosious Jenastin District Director of Jaffna chapter. Following that Secretary  Mr. Mayuran Sivanathan welcomed the board members for the third general meeting. The Chairman Mr. Sharanyan Sharma addressed to the gathering and emphasized the objectives of the chamber and appreciated the initiatives of Jaffna, Vavuniya and Batticaloa chapters for their successful events. Further, he emphasized the future plan and roadmap of the chamber and urged all the members to strive towards empowering community throughout the innovative technologies as a prime objective of the NEFCICT.

Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT 8

Thereafter the minutes of the 2nd general meeting read by the secretary and get confirmed consensually. District Directors also got the approval of their District Meeting Minutes. After the coffee break, the meeting continued with the presentation about the 3rd quarter Financial Statements by Treasurer Mr. Senthooran Nadarajah and Assistant Treasurer Mr. Jeyarathnem Jeyakopy, followed by the District Directors presentation about their districts initiatives and future plans.

Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT 9

The session ended for the lunch break and had few group snapshots in the backdrop of the hotel view. Following the break, the session started with The Chairman and The Vice President welcoming the new women chapter members and their individual introduction then The Secretary mentioned the federation’s ethics and rules to the board and the session prolonged with the discussion about the progress and future plan of the chamber and had a fruitful QA session among the Office Bearers and The Board of Directors. The meeting was adjourned with the vote of thanks by The Vice President. The post-meeting dinner and get-together made up with fun banter.

Third General Meeting of North East Federation of Chamber of ICT 10

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