Representing NEFCICT at The Inaugural Launch of Startup SL

Meeting with the Minister

Start-Up Sri Lanka is an initiative by the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology whose mission is to transform Sri Lanka through technology and entrepreneurship. They are working to support the tech community and accelerate the growth of Sri Lankan Start-Ups and freelancers.

This initiative was officially launched on the 14th of October 2019 at BMICH Lavender Hall by Hon Min Ajith P Perera, Minister of Digital Infrastructure and ICT at 2pm. Many Government officials including the Secretary and additional Secretary of the Ministry and entrepreneurs as well as a few Startup freelancers were present at the event.

NEFCICT was given an invitation to the Launch of the initiative as NEFCICT have been recognized addressing the mission of the initiative in the North and East in a well progressing and effective manner. The Federation was also given a face to face appointment with the Hon. Minister to discuss about the federation and to officially give an introduction. During which time a discussion about a few hindrances faced from the government sector in successfully achieving few project goals were discussed, and Hon. Minister advised his Secretaries to handle it and help the Federation in achieving the goals.

Also the Hon. Minister and his Secretaries congratulated NEFCICT on the efforts to empower North and East in regards to ICT and Technology after the Cruel War and devastation the North and East communities underwent for the last 3 decades. Also the minister promised to consider NEFCICT first when it comes to any Ministry/ Government related projects or initiatives to be launched in North and East. This was a very short but productive meeting/discussion with the Hon Minister and this would definitely help NEFCICT in its future endeavors.

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